Meet our Team

Shanne Carvalho

Prior to becoming a Realtor®, my career began as a general contractor and a mortgage broker.  With this specific background, I was able to create a robust database of professional contacts, which helped make me uniquely qualified to oversee your transaction from end-to-end. I have spent many years cultivating this network, all of whom assist me in streamlining the buying and selling process for my customers.

Whether you are buying or selling, the process can be challenging. I work with first time home buyers as well as very experienced investors, and both can be intimidated by the process. Choosing me to assist you in your home buying journey can take a lot of the pressure off, no matter where you are in the process.

In Portuguese, Carvalho means “Oak.” The mighty oak tree is meaningful to me not only as a Realtor®, but it carries a lot of meaning in my family, too. My logo was inspired by a painting by my mother, Goretti Carvalho. I have spent my career developing strong relationships built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, and integrity.

I take pride in promises delivered. Trust the OAK. I look forward to leveraging my experience, knowledge, and resources to serve your real estate needs.

Bonnie Bea

Bonnie is a Licensed Realtor® and Executive Assistant to Shanne Carvalho. She provides concierge-level service through understanding client goals and adapting to various client preferences.

Prior to being a real estate agent, she owned her own health consulting business, where she honed business management, and client care skills. With close attention to detail and a keen intuition for anticipating needs, her expertise helps to make the buying and selling process seamless and enjoyable.

Each day Bonnie is motivated by wanting to make an impact in her immediate environment. She likes helping everyone that she interacts with everyday and making the things around her more beautiful.

Bonnie is passionate about spending time with her family and loved ones. Her favorite activities are swimming, riding her bike around town, and spending time outside especially at the beach.

Fun fact about Bonnie is that she is an expert cookie decorator.

Misty Mitchell

Misty helps manage logistics for the Shanne Carvalho Real Estate Team!  Misty wakes up early and loves working in Santa Cruz and finishing each day with a sense of accomplishment.  She is passionate about enjoying sunrises, sunsets, mother nature, music and animals.

Misty brings a wealth of experience having 24 years in customer service and 13 years in the moving industry.  She has been fascinated by Real Estate from a young age. In fact, she bought her first home at 25 and her second one at 32. She likes the fast-paced world of it and how buying or selling a home can really change the path of someone’s life.

Fun fact about Misty is that she enjoys to do stand up comedy in her free time and when she has any free time she loves road trips.