Meet our Team

Shanne Carvalho

Prior to becoming a Realtor®, Shanne’s career began as a general contractor and a mortgage broker.  With this specific background, he was able to create a robust database of professional contacts, which helps make him uniquely qualified to oversee your transaction from end-to-end. Having spent many years cultivating this network, Shanne is able to streamline the whole process.

Whether you are buying or selling, the process can be challenging. Shanne works with first time home buyers as well as very experienced investors, and both can be intimidated by the process. Choosing our team to assist you in your home buying journey can take a lot of the pressure off, no matter where you are in the process.  We invite you to trust our experience with all your real estate needs!

In Portuguese, Carvalho means “Oak.” The mighty oak tree is meaningful to Shanne not only as a Realtor®, but it carries a lot of meaning in his family, too.  In fact, our logo was inspired by a painting by Shanne’s mother, Goretti Carvalho.  Shanne has spent his career developing strong relationships built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, and integrity.

Shanne takes pride in promises delivered. Trust the OAK.

Bonnie Bea

Bonnie is a Licensed Realtor and Executive Assistant to the Shanne Carvalho Real Estate Team.  She provides concierge-level service through understanding client goals and adapting to various client preferences.

Bonnie is highly motivated to help clients and craves to be impactful in her immediate environment.  She loves being involved with real estate because she genuinely enjoys helping others to ensure the buying and selling process is simple, easy, and smooth.  With close attention to detail, keen intuition for anticipating needs, and exemplary expertise, Bonnie helps create seamless and gratifying client experiences over and over again.

Prior to being a real estate agent, she owned her own health consulting business, where she honed business management and client care skills.  Bonnie’s expertise helps to make the buying and selling process seamless and enjoyable.

When Bonnie is not at the office, she is passionate about spending time with her loved ones and being outside as much as she can.  She loves to swim, ride her bike, and hang out at the beach whenever possible.

Fun fact about Bonnie is that she is an expert cookie decorator. 

Misty Mitchell

Misty is the Logistics Manager for the Shanne Carvalho Real Estate Team.  She is the heartbeat of the team, ensuring all steps and processes are completed to provide top-notch service to clients.

With 24 years of customer service experience, Misty loves interacting and helping people with their real estate endeavors.  She understands the stresses that can come along with buying and selling a home, and it is her goal to make the day-to-day tasks easier for clients to endure.  Misty’s assiduous attitude, organizational dominance, and candid collaboration gives clients confidence and comfort in knowing they are working with the right real estate team.

With her down time, Misty loves walking on the beach with her dog and enjoys all the entities Mother Nature provides.  She is a self-proclaimed animal lover, music enthusiast, and loves to go on road trips.

Fun fact about Misty is that she enjoys to do stand up comedy.

Christy Niemeyer

Christy is the Buyer’s Agent for the Shanne Carvalho Real Estate Team. She prides herself in making every real estate transaction as financially beneficial, understandable, and pleasant as possible for all clients.

Christy loves real estate because she is dedicated and driven to help people find a home that will provide clients with safety, shelter, and comfort. She believes a home is much more than a financial investment; a home gives people the opportunity to shape their lives and create special memories. With exceptional communication, personalized customer service, and vast knowledge of the community, Christy provides phenomenal experiences for clients who, more often than not, become her lifelong friends.

Off the clock, Christy cherishes time spent with her family, friends, and her dog. She is passionate about health and wellness, and owned her own fitness business for 25 years before getting into real estate. Christy also loves to sing and not just in her car!

Fun fact about Christy is that she was a member of and sang with a few bands throughout her lifetime. She is truly a rock star!